Green Tips of the Week

Use Rechargeable Batteries.


Use both sides of a piece of paper.


Carpool to school.


Recycle plastic, paper, glass and metal cans.


Use 'dirty water' for plants.


Collect water from bath or shower that is waiting to warm up and use on plants.


Print on the blank side of already printed on paper. 


Take your car to a car wash rather than wash it yourself-they filter the water whereas runoff from your driveway goes right to the ocean.


For paper towel dispensers the rule is, "3 let it be" That means 3 pulls on the handle only!

Green Team/ECO Club

What's Happening...


reduce-reuse-recycle-14.jpgkid recycling.jpg

Davis Recycle Center Open First Wednesday of Month

Please note on your family calendar: our Davis Magnet School Recycling Center is open on the first Wednesday of each month before school.

We recycle separately-bagged donations of plastic bottles, aluminum cans, paper, and electronics.

Enter through the front parking lot gate and drive to the collection bin next to the YMCA and lunch area.

Thanks for your support of our Davis Magnet School recycling program AND for helping to model your care for our environment with your child.


ECO Club

Our Davis Magnet School Eco Club meets every Wednesday before school in our Ecology Center located in Room 28.

Mrs. Gordon, Miss Keller, and selected students share Eco Club tips with our entire school community at Wednesday morning flag salutes.

Waste Free Wednesdays

On Wednesdays we are focusing on having a waste-free lunch.  Members of the Eco Club will help look for examples of reusing, reducing, and recycling.  Raffle tickets will be given out to kids caught "Being Green" and a raffle will happen at the end of every month with really cool prizes.  So let's do our part to be a "Green School".